SAVE: rising to excellence

Excellence is another reason that makes us one of the leading Italian
companies in the flue sector for wood burning and pellet stoves

We’ve always followed the new requests in the market closely,
which we satisfy by constantly developing new products
and continuously improving the ones we’ve been building for years.

Introducing our new Pellet Light and Plus Light lines into production,
we’re offering a lighter and more economical product with the same
characteristics of aesthetics and performance of our Pellet and Plus lines.

55 years

of experience

We were one of the
first in Italy to produce
flue pipes for wood
burning stoves.
2 million


is what we produce
in a year; 12,000
items in a single day.

of our production
is exported

We export half of our
100% Made in Italy
13000sq m

warehouse space

filled with products
always in stock to
guarantee quick and
dependable delivery
for your order.

SAVE: safety, first of all

SAVE has always provided quality products
with the highest safety standards that are certified
by strict EN1856-2 testing at qualified laboratories.

Test V2. Excellent performance by vitreous enameled
flue pipes subjected to V2 corrosion resistance test
qualifies the product for installation in all types of solid
(wood, pellet and coal), liquid and gas fuel stoves.
Vitreous enamel coating ensures exceptional resistance
against corrosion by combustion condensate.