AIR LINEAluminium flexible

Aluminium flexible pipes

Flexible aluminum pipes are extremely practical to use and easy to install. They eliminates the need for elbows and adapts to a variety of lengths to suit specific installation requirements: an 850 mm piece can extend up to 3000 mm!


  • 300°C for the natural aluminium pipe
  • 200°C for the painted aluminium pipe (in this case it is the paint that deteriorates)

The flexible aluminium pipe cannot be used on wood-burning and coal stoves as the temperature of the smoke produced normally exceeds 300°C.

With certificate
of tightness

Color range

Nero opaco

  Natural aluminium

Nero opaco

  White painted aluminium

Field of application

• Air ducts
• Suction systems
• Hoods

Maximum operating temperature

• Natural aluminium pipe = 300°C
• Painted aluminium pipe = 200°C

Flexible aluminium pipe with inlet

Flexible aluminium pipe in roll

M/M fitting for aluminium flexible pipes