WOOD LINEPlus 1,2mm

Vitreous enamelled pipes for wood stove

Representing the highest level of SAVE Spa quality, laser-welding ensures these carbon steel pipes perfect welding. Subsequent internal/external vitreous enamel coating baked to 850°C provides exceptional resistance against corrosion by combustion condensate.
V2 test results specified by corrosion resistance Standard 1856-2 show that Plus 1.2 mm and Plus Light flue pipes have a significantly longer duration than normally painted 2 mm thick pipes that have not received internal vitreous enamel coating.
They are perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as soot-fire (a fire that occurs inside the pipe) without being damaged or modified.

Color range

Nero opaco

  Matt black



1000mm, 500mm, 250mm, telescopic pipes

total thikness
steel 1mm + vitreous coating 0.2mm


90° elbow, 45° elbow, “T” pipes, fittings...

total thikness
steel 1mm + vitreous coating 0.2mm

Anti-condensate mode

In order to prevent the leakage of condensate, they must be fitted with the inlet facing downwards (see drawing). To do this, it may be necessary to use an F/F anti-condensate fitting to start with.


Plus 1,2mm pipe L1000mm

Plus 1,2mm pipe L500mm

Plus 1,2mm pipe L250mm

Plus 1,2mm telescopic set H500mm

Plus 1,2mm telescopic set H330mm

Plus 1,2mm pipe L1000mm with inspection door

Plus 1,2mm pipe L500mm with inspection door

Plus 1,2mm pipe L330mm with inspection door


Plus 1,2mm 90° elbow

Plus 1,2mm 45° elbow

Plus 1,2mm 30° elbow

Plus 1,2mm 15° elbow

Plus 1,2mm 90° elbow with inspection door

Plus 1,2mm 45° elbow with inspection door


Plus 1,2mm F/F T-piece

Plus 1,2mm M/F T-piece


Plus 1,2mm blind plug for T-piece


Plus 1,2mm F/F fitting

Plus 1,2mm M/M fitting

Special pipes

Plus 1,2mm offset pipe

Plus 1,2mm pipe with flue damper H250mm

Plus 1,2mm pipe with flue test point H250mm